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4/15/2019 –

Happy Tax Day!! The deadline has come to an end, and the button has officially been pressed on the last return of the day!

Another tax season is in the books! This has been one of the most exciting, yet exhausting, filing seasons yet! With the opening of the new office location and the new tax laws challenging each and every return, our limits certainly have been tested, but nonetheless, overcome!

Many thanks are owed to you wonderful clients, for your support, cooperation and patience.

Special thanks to friends, families and referral sources! Your trust and support are what has helped make us great at what we do!

Don’t forget to not lose focus on your tax planning for the remainder of the year. This is the time to make any necessary adjustments if your returns were greatly affected by the new tax laws. Feel free to reach out any time during the year for continuous tax planning and any other tax and accounting support.


isotretinoin purchase uk

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